Datyl Pepper & Lime


The Datil pepper was chosen for its proximity to our location to lower the eco-footprint and support local farmers.

Our St Augustine peppers are located north of Orlando. These peppers are from the habanero family, but much rarer and more precious. They are dried in the sun which makes them obtain sweeter flavors, even comparable to a date (hence its name) in fact it is even more flavorful too, a real citrus taste!

The lime we use has been selected for its freshness and perfectly complements the flavor of the extra virgin olive oil. Lime is our favorite citrus fruit, its aromas are frank, vegetal, and tangy. We use the entire fruit, its pulp, its zest as well as the leaves to empower the flavor of our chips.

The Datil Pepper & Lime flavor is truly an exclusive and natural tasting treat with the harmony developed for this recipe, making it produce rare and balanced flavors.

Friend of guacamole, as a snack, around a spicy barbecue, Litys Datil lime chips will follow you everywhere!

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18 Oz, 9 Oz