Ecologically Responsible Packaging

As part of our commitment to the ecology of our planet, we have designed and created an exclusive 100% recyclable packaging for our Litys chips.

We keep our packaging simple, with its core reasoning to protect the chips and ensure they retain their beautiful and delicious potato flakes.

No matter the occasion, whether it be at a picnic, in the car, or on a boat, your chips will always be protected.

Packaging Inspiration/Goals

Our goal was to make the packaging easy and simple to use for our customers, so that the chips can remain conserved with its resealable design. Simply open the can, enjoy your treat, and close it to retain the flavor. When you open it again, you will find all the crunchiness and inimitable taste of our Litys chips just as when they were first opened.

And finally, its elegant packaging doesn’t need a dish to serve the chips to your guests, just open the can, place it on the table and you’re ready to go.

We have created two sizes of 9oz and 18oz to best suit every occasion in life.

A picnic, a barbecue, a birthday, a meal with friends, a party or simply at the office or at home, Litys chips are the perfect solution.

And once the chips are finished you can re-use the cans! Here are some ideas… Share your recycling ideas with us!!!