Caramelized Onion & Honey


A real sweet and savory delight!

We have chosen to cook two types of onions for this flavor: the white and the yellow onion.

One for its softness and sweetness and the other for its strength and its incomparable taste when caramelized.

This flavor brings back a real memory from our childhood through onion soups and onion pies.

We have selected organic onions and seasoned them with energy-rich Floridian honey as its potential health benefits are well established.

Cooking at low temperatures and thanks to our know-how we have managed to develop an exclusive recipe to naturally flavor our chips with this wonderful blend of flavors.

What makes Litys honey onion crisps even more delicious?

To accompany your cheeses, a salad, a barbecue, or for a snack – a real treat!

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18 Oz, 9 Oz