Who is Litys? What is Litys?

Litys was born in Spain, on the roads among the olive trees of Andalusia.

Refined gastronomy and delicate flavors inspired us to create a new brand of potato chips in our future adopted country, the United States, more specifically Florida.

With 12 years of experience in French and European gastronomy and after several Gault et Millau awards and partnerships with Michelin-star chefs, we’ve learned to always seek out the best products, meats, cheeses, spices, and culinary traditions to delight our customers’ taste buds.

With this history, we put our passion into creating a new way of making chips. Chips cooked in extra virgin olive oil blended with natural flavors coming together to be cooked in our own workshop using traditional methods to bring out the natural qualities of these raw ingredients.

We’ve worked tirelessly to source the best products locally from Florida and across the United States, such as Californian olive oil, rare peppers from St. Augustine, and organic Floridian potatoes to name just a few of our discoveries.

We are on a quest to bring people together, a quest to support human encounters with products that they can understand and appreciate, a chip that can be shared and enjoyed from grandparents to grandchildren.

Our quest brought us to producing these premium chips.

A natural chip.

And Litys was born.